Full­-Service Vacation
Property Management & Sales

Experience Growth. Travel in Luxury.

The VacayAZ Difference:
Prioritizing Homeowner’s Needs

We Work, While You Relax.

Let us take care of your home as if it were our own. You, as the homeowner, are able to sit back and relax while your home rental process is fully managed.

Partner with a team of vacation rental management experts who prioritize availability, communication, and comfort above all else. Your home will be clean, neat, well­-designed, and well­-functioning. We take care of the details to ensure your vacation home is in good hands.

Vacation Rental Management,
Done Right.

The VacayAZ team is different. Work with a partner committed to your short-­term and long-­term success. We have the experience, tact, and grace to handle your project right from the start.

Take the pain out of vacation rental management. Experience the peace of mind having your needs and the needs of your renters put first. Our firm works directly with your clients. Allowing you, as a homeowner, to feel less stressed. Partner with dedicated experts who aim to make you more money, take care of your property & guests right, and take pride in high quality service, amenities, and design.

AirBnB Superhost:
Setting A New Standard for Luxury Vacation Rentals

Quality Service & Management From A Team That Cares.

As a Superhost and AirBNB Plus member, our priority is availability and communication to ensure your vacation home is in tip-top condition. We understand that when guests are traveling, they want things to go as visioned. Whether it’s a business trip or a social vacation, they want to enjoy all the comforts of a home, and more. That’s where we step in. Our goal is to handle all the legwork for you. Creating a win­-win for both guests and owners. Providing quality, exceptional service that leaves your online, and offline, reputation gleaming.

Ask about our guest services, booking, concierge services, marketing, interior design, professional cleaning services, and maintenance. Each and every home is equipped with the finest, top quality finishes that function well and are in premier locations. Every design detail of your vacation home serves a purpose. With the right mixture of balanced colors, furniture positioning, and decorations, guests will feel the attention to detail and individual energy in.

Looking for Luxury?

Look no further. Take a peek at what luxury properties are capable of in the vacation rental industry.

Your Investment. Our Priority.

Our mantra is simple. Create super clean, well­operating homes that have all the amenities of a fine hotel, plus more. If you stay with us, you will find that we have mastered 3 areas of our business that make us stand out from the competition: Communication, Cleanliness, and Comfort.

Clear Communication

If any issues, questions, or concerns arise, we go out of our way to make the rental process easy for you. We are passionate about helping our clients reach their goals, grow their business, and provide exceptional service that is second to none.

Dedicated Partners

You should be treated as a valuable client, not just another number. We take pride in our relationships. This is why we receive 5­ star reviews from guests and are a Superhost on AirBnB.

Property Care & Luxury Amenities

Your vacation home will be professionally designed, centrally located, and fully stocked. Renters can enjoy daily coffee pods, small snacks, bathroom toiletries, kitchen supplies, top of the line linens, and more. Your guests will be completely taken care of from the beginning of the trip. And we’re here to make sure everything goes off without a hitch.

Attention To Detail,
Cleanliness & Design

Our reputable, in­house cleaning crew leaves every home sparkling clean before guests arrive. From floors and counters to small details, such as linens and overall neatness of the home. Experience state of the art interior design. Including color scheme, furniture, and custom wall art. You’ll also have high quality linens, towels, and so much more during your stay.

Making You More Money

As your partner, our main goal is to grow your business revenue and build your vacation home reputation. By working with a vacation management company that provides high quality service, takes care of all your guest services, including maintenance, cleaning, and design needs, you will be set up for success without added stress.

What We Do

When we say we are a full service management company, we mean full service. Here’s what’s included:

  • All Marketing
  • Dynamic Pricing & Calendar Management
  • Bookings
  • Guest Relations
  • Property Care
  • Interior Design Service
  • Lodging Taxation
  • Reporting & Payments
  • Quality Control Before AND after each guest
  • Coordination of Cleanings
  • Coordination of Repair
  • Payment Processing

Boosting Owners’ Reputation,
Reliability, and Revenue.

Have peace of mind knowing your property is completely taken care of. You deserve to have a great experience during the rental process. Partner with a company that puts your needs first and makes everything run smoothly from beginning to end. When guests stay at your vacation home, they will be blown away by the professionalism, cleanliness, interior design efforts, and our friendly, fast services.

If you are interested in working with us, check out our highly praised AirBnB Plus homes, 5­star reviews, and unique home designs below.


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Why Choose VacayAZ To
Manage Your Vacation
Rental Home?

Through constant communication, availability, and dedication, your expectations will be exceeded. Guests will have an unforgettable experience at your home, while the return on investment and growth strategy increases for your home. It’s a win-­win situation!

Partner With The Best.
Build Your Guest Following.
Increase Your Revenue.

FAQs for Homeowners

Do you only offer short­term rentals?
Yes, we only offer short­term rentals. This is because most of our guests stay between 3­ to 5 days (80% of the time). Short term rentals allow for a fully operated business, including personal communication, more cleaning time, and a better guest experience overall.

How am I protected? Am I insured if something goes wrong?
We have partnered with a top tier insurance company that offers specific coverage for short term rentals. In addition, AirBnB covers a property of up to one million dollars. We also have short term rental agreements that protects you if anyone gets injured at the home. We treat our guests right, and in turn they tend to treat our properties right. Although, mistakes do happen. Call for more information about our homeowners insurance and what to do if your home gets damaged.

What happens if there is an emergency at the home?
Since we are local, our team will be at the home same day, no matter what time it is. We make it a priority to make sure everything goes smoothly for homeowners and guests at all times.

How much does it cost to get started with VacayAZ?
Since we are a full­-service vacation rental management company, there is more of an investment, including interior design, maintenance, and cleaning. Although, your return on investment will increase as your home becomes a popular destination. We also work with your budget, goals, and needs to ensure you feel at ease throughout the entire process. Call us for more details!

What do I get out of this investment that I couldn’t do on my own?
Many people think it’s a lot easier than it is, but it’s extremely difficult. Our experts know what it takes to provide a high quality home that guests will return to again and again.

Why VacayAZ and not the competition?
Some companies might charge a little less, but you won’t get the same service. We put guests first to ensure our homeowners get more money in their pockets. Most companies don’t do that!

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